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Kasey's Speaking Experience

Kasey Bell brings two decades of educational expertise and over fifteen years of speaking and training to audiences, ranging from intimate workshops to large-scale events with thousands of attendees. Her diverse speaking engagements encompass tailored workshops for K12 schools and organizations, impactful keynote presentations, enriching sessions for Christian groups, and empowering women's retreats. Her words are carefully crafted to ignite motivation, provide valuable mentorship, and leave her listeners feeling uplifted and ready to take on any challenge.

Explore a diverse array of featured topics and presentations tailored to meet the needs of K-12 Schools and Christian Groups by clicking on the "speaking" menu above.


Each section is carefully organized to guide you to content specifically designed for your group, offering insightful, relevant, and engaging resources. To discover innovative educational strategies, faith-based learning solutions, or inspiring messages for your next event, navigate the menu and delve into the subsections tailored to each audience. Her offerings are meticulously crafted to support and inspire, inviting you to explore and find exactly what you need to enrich your experience.

Kasey Bell featured in Fox News, NYT, and more

Kasey Bell is a Jesus-loving teacher, mama, coach, international speaker, published author, podcaster, and owner of,, and with a passion for serving others through her calling as a teacher and coach.

As a teacher, entrepreneur, and coach Kasey Bell embodies a rare fusion of passion and purpose. Her journey from middle school teacher to digital learning leader and international speaker is just the beginning.


As the founder of Shake Up Learning and Teacher Revival, Kasey demonstrates her commitment to rejuvenating educators and reshaping the education landscape. But Kasey's story is more profound, as she is also a devoted Christian who is committed to serving Christian women through her new venture, Burnout to Blessed, guiding women from exhaustion to fulfillment through their God-given calling.

At, Kasey spearheads teacher-empowering publications and educational resources, positioning herself as a top-tier blogger and edtech leader. Her acclaimed podcast, "The Shake Up Learning Show," and publications such as "Blended Learning with Google" and "Shake Up Learning" showcase her commitment to dynamic learning strategies. With 20 years of experience in education and an M.Ed. in edtech, Kasey has been recognized as a Google Certified Innovator and Trainer, an ISTE Featured Voice, and a Digital Innovation in Learning Award recipient.

Kasey Bell remains committed to providing high-quality learning and coaching in every facet of her multifaceted career. Whether through online courses, webinars, or face-to-face and virtual presentations, she empowers K-12 educators to bring out the best in their students. Kasey offers a guiding light for those feeling the weight of burnout, helping them discover hope, joy, biblical truth, and their divine purpose.

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